Visual Art, dance and music, although of different disciplines, address the same sensibility; therefore, it is necessary that they all grow together in a cohesive environment of learning. The natural beauty and richness of the Kalakshetra campus is just the ideal setting for this.

The Visual Arts Department offers full-time courses as well as short-term and part-time courses in several areas of visual arts including: art (painting), ceramics/pottery, sculpture and woodwork, design (basic visual design, textile, kalamkari, etc), and graphic art.

Courses of Study
  • Diploma in Visual Arts
  • One-Year Short-term Certificate Course
  • Part-time course

The syllabus is designed to educate the students to enjoy, explore and interpret the treasure trove- the legacy of heritage with its gradual evolution into a repository of an amalgamation of techniques nurtured and modified by different dynasties and eras.

With the knowledge thus gained, the syllabus aims to help disseminate and transfer the visual aesthetics of traditional and contemporary sensibilities to other related avenues.