Visit Kalakshetra / Rules and Guidelines


We request you to respect the institution, its activities and traditions. Kindly oblige when asked by the tour guide to remove your footwear when entering classrooms, prayers or shrines. We also ask you to observe silence during prayers, and keep conversations to a minimum while observing or passing through classes/rehearsals in progress. We request you to stay with the group at all times.

We request you to refrain from taking photos except at specific locations, which will be indicated to you by your guide. No videography of the premises, the classes or any other part of the walk is permitted.

Eating or smoking are not allowed on this walk. Kindly do not throw litter or cause harm to the flora or fauna in any way.

Both toilets and water are available here. If you need either, it is advisable to restrict these stops to the very beginning or the very end of the walk.

Kalakshetra’s ambience is at the heart of the education it imparts. We request you to respect it and invite you to become a part of it for a holistic experience.