Duration of Course Two Months (40 Sessions)
Fees Rs.500/- per session (Course Materials and Dyes will be charged at actuals)
Syllabus | Part 1
  • Drawing of decorative borders and motifs in the Kalamkari tradition.
  • Preparation of “Kassim” (basic Black dye for Outline drawing)
  • Preparation of Charcoal sticks for the sketching on cloth.
  • Drawing of human figures, “Parivara devatas” “Vahanas” and other Mythological figures.
  • Preparation of the “Kalam” (pen used for drawing with dyes).
  • Drawing of designs with black dye and traditional methods of filling, hatching etc.,
Syllabus | Part 2
  • Drawing of Gods and Godesses of the Hindu pantheon with appropriate attributes.
  • Preparation of mordant solution and application on cloth.
  • Washing and dyeing in Vat for developing red Colour.
  • Painting of large pictures and story panels.
  • Dunging and application of other vegetable dyes for different colours.
  • Post treatment and traditional methods of bleaching and finishing of pictures.