CERC / Overview

The Craft Centre at Kalakshetra was inspired by the same ideals that illuminated everything that Rukmini Devi undertook. In all that she did, Rukmini Devi’s aim was to “permeate the land with beauty of spirit and form.”

The Craft Centre is located in the extension across from the main Kalakshetra campus. In the large, high ceiling hall of the handloom Weaving Centre, thirty looms weave saris in silk and cotton, along with other natural textiles. Weavers spin and dye the thread for the saris woven on their looms. Printers and dyers work in the Kalamkari Unit, which was instrumental in helping to revive the art of Kalamkari which was almost lost through neglect in the early part of the twentieth century. Today Kalamkari fabrics are available across the country and the Kalakshetra kalamkari unit continues to produce fabrics printed in this style which are made into items such as bags and linen and sold through the Kalakshetra Craft Shop, located next to the Weaving Centre.