Duration of Course One Month – (20 Sessions)
Fees Rs.500/- per session (Course Materials and Dyes will be charged at actuals)
  • Preparation of Kassim (basic black dye)
  • Preparation of cloth (Myrobalam treatment)
  • Cleaning of cloth and drawing with charcoal pencil. Preparation of pencil.
  • Preparation of Kalam for Kalamkari painting and drawing of outlines with Kassim.
  • Drawing and detail ornamentation with black dye.
  • Preparation and application of Mordant solution (Alum)
  • Washing and boiling in Dye Vat with Vegetable Dyes.
  • Cleaning and Re-application of Mordant.
  • Extraction and Application of Yellow dyes.
  • Sun bleaching and Finishing.