BASS / Aims and Objectives of the School
  • To provide a carefully planned and balanced educational framework to promote the holistic development of children with an emphasis on personal character and discipline
  • To create a climate of openness in which every child feels happy and secure
  • To offer a personalized system of education in which the individuality of every child is respected and nurtured
  • To devise and follow a curriculum that will emphasize values of Indian culture and promote community service and an understanding of the universality of all religions and the spirit of tolerance and to instill in each child a sense of beauty and compassion for all life.
  • To promote a variety of interests, talents and skills in children through extra curricular activities which will enable them to contribute to the rich cultural heritage of the country and the world

Keeping with these principles, the school offers fine arts, dance & music as elective subjects in the XI & XII, supported by the facilities available in Kalakshetra so as to facilitate direct entry into the Diploma course in the College of Fine Arts, for such candidates who wish to take this as a career.