Kalakshetra literally means a holy place of arts (Kala : Arts, Kshetra : Field
or Holy place).
    Deriving inspiration from this noble ideal, Kalakshetra was established, in the words of Rukmini Devi,
"with the sole purpose of resuscitating in modern India recognition of the priceless artistic traditions of our country and of imparting to the young the true spirit of Art, devoid of vulgarity and commercialism." The training of young and talented people by masters of art, with the background of a religious spirit, has been its main aim.

  • Due to Semester examinations and summer vacations Kalakshetra - College of Fine Arts is not open to visitors from 20th March 2015 to 30th June 2015. Visitors are requested to contact the College Office on or after 1st July 2015 for further information.

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